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1, Feb 3, 2012

Of Fame and Fortune, Which Do You Want?

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I once asked my children, “Of fame and fortune, which do you want?” One said fortune, the other fame. It is interesting to see they came out with different answer, even though with the same parenting. I certainly hope they will eventually get what they want, though I am not sure if they will want the same thing as they grow old.

When a person from the PR department learned of my being selected on the Midwest Voices panel, she immediately noticed related PR section, thinking she would do me a huge service by posting my name and picture on the intranet and on our internal circulation. Upon learning this, I told her I preferred not. She realized she did it without my permission and hurriedly took back her request.

Publicity always means extra attention and different interpretations.  It would be naive to assume all will be of kind intention. At least, I have not cultivated a love for too much attention.

Still, for most people, of two pursuits, fame will outlive fortune.

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