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1, Feb 17, 2012

New Year Resolution, Different Approach to Life and Happiness

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On 2/6/2012, I shared my New Year Resolution with a friend of mine, in that I sound more ambitious this year than before. Mainly because I want to keep myself busy and start getting myself more involved. I must be sub-consciously thinking of preparing for the time when my daughter leaves for college and I will find myself having too much time on hand after work. I want to involve in something instead of spending time thinking and wondering what my daughter is doing.

That friend said, “I only focus on small things like, a good book, a new film, an interesting dinner. You do plan on a yearly basis. And me: daily basis.”

Upon hearing these words, I realized there are something missing in my New Year Resolution, that is, learn how to enjoy life with good friends, family, and everything I have in life.  “Most important,” this friend said, “we all enjoy what we do.”

He is absolutely right. Each of us may have our own way of living and our definition of happiness. But we all share one common denominator, that is, a good health, the basis for everything else.

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