Many People Do Not Survive Retirement

Last Saturday, 2/25, while my daughter was with a school activity at JCCC, I went to the main library to seek help from the tax preparation volunteers. I got there shortly after 9 AM, right after the library opened. Still, I was late and ended up being the last one on the list.

While I was waiting for my turn, the front desk guy sat by me, eager to chat with me. When we talked about retirement savings, he came out with these words, which was a bit surprising.

“Many people do not survive retirement,” he said. I asked what he meant. He said, “Statistics show there is a very high percentage of people who die within one year of retirement.” This is shocking. “Why?” I asked.

“Because retirement upset their routine. They don’t know what to do with their lives. Also, many people keep working until they either get cancer or are too sick and weak to work.” He gave some example to prove to me.

Upset routine? It reminds me of yesterday’s posting. It is rather sad when you have worked hard and planned for retirement, yet in the end, you cannot survive it.

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