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1, Feb 2, 2012

In Learning, Guard Against Auto-Pilot Brain

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When I go to work every morning, I get on 435 west. But when we have our department meeting on the 4th Thursday every month at a different location, I need to get on 435 east. On one of these occasions, I allowed myself to follow auto-pilot and head west instead of east for the meeting.

In fact, in our daily life, we are more often guided by our auto-pilot than we realize. Anytime we do something out of sheer habit, without thinking, we are controlled by the auto-pilot.

Sometimes, we can save energy by having auto-pilot take control. But if you want to learn something new or to have new experience, new ideas, or try to think differently, or chart a new path, or break away from a habit, do everything to avoid auto-pilot brain. For, if you are nailed down and controlled by auto-pilot, you will lead a life like a hamster on an exercise wheel, chained, enclosed, restricted, and suffocating.

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