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1, Feb 9, 2012

“If I were a poor woman…”

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During the debate on Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure cutting funding to Planned Parenthood, I wrote the following for the midwest voices. But my daughter said it was not a proper format. So, here it is.

First one,
If I were a poor woman…
I would know that I have fewer life choices than my wealthy sisters.
If I had an unwanted pregnancy,
I would know that I cannot afford to have an abortion anywhere I want.
But it doesn’t matter, for
There is always that unfailing safety net for my baby.
Should this safety net be broken,
I’d compile a list of pro-life activists.
I’d go door-to-door seeking their help, for I figure
They would care for the born ones as much as those unborn.
I’d teach my baby to be a pro-lifer, and
Welcome more of the same in the future.
Let us be happy in the provided net of safety for life.

Second one,
If I were a poor woman…
I would know that I have limited choices in life.
I would know that I cannot depend on others to give me more choices
I would know that I cannot count on others to take care of me and my babies.
I’d try to avoid unwanted accidents.
Should I be unfortunate enough to have an accident,
I’d seek help among pro-choice activists.
I’d work hard and learn skills, for
I would want to be independent and to have more choices.
If I climbed out of poverty,
I’d reach out to those
Who are like my former self
I’d be standing out for pro-choice.
I’d help my poor sisters to climb out of their safety net.

For those who wait for others to save them,
Go for the second choice, for
No net is as safe as your strong self.

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