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1, Feb 16, 2012

“I don’t know”-the Answer Children Give When They Are Too Lazy to Think

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It is funny how children are alike in their behavior. On 2/6, a friend of mine told me that her child gave many I-dont-know answers when she tried to make him think by asking questions.

It sounds so familiar as I see the same pattern from my daughter. Every time when she is too lazy to think, she would come out with IDK. Sometimes when I push for more question, she would tell me to leave her alone, a more direct way of telling me “It is not that I don’t know but that I just don’t want to think.”

As parents who know what is best for their children, instead of giving up, we should insist on doing the right thing. We might change our questions or change topics or ask when is the best time to talk or simply explain one more time the benefit of using our brain. Do anything to set children think. Do anything is better than giving up our efforts.

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