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1, Feb 18, 2012

How to Work with Monitors Or Not

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This happened again on 1/23 and 1/24. Monitors from two studies emailed me asking me to work on some issues related to my patients and get them resolved a.s.p.s because there would be an immediate database lock. I went to their systems only to find the pages that I was supposed to work on were frozen, so I emailed back, informing them the status of these pages.

Upon receiving my emails, the monitors went to the related person to unfreeze the pages for me, then emailed me back, intending me to work on them a.s.p.s.

I felt like having wasted my time helping them to find out what their systems allow me to do when I expected these monitors to figure out this first before writing to me.

At first, I was upset and felt like being pushed around. I wrote to a project manager about this. I finished writing a grumpy email but I did not send as I knew exactly what that manager would say and would ask me to do. As it happened in the past, the manager would ask me to do what the monitors request.

Here’s my passive aggressiveness. Next time when a monitor asks me to do something, I will first ignore it. Upon second email, I will ask if the pages are ready for work. I will go to their system only after I hear from them the second or third time. Never waste time on starting working immediately. This was written when I felt being thrown around.

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