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1, Feb 21, 2012

Good Writers Must First be Good Readers

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Continue with my effort at improving writing…
I believe I mentioned something like this in my last posting on writing, that is, you must be a good reader before you can be a good writer. Well, I might have gone too far in making this statement. But I have to put it this way in order to cause your attention to the importance of critical reading.

I have emphasized active reading, which involves eyes, hand, and head, instead of passive, pure-for-fun reading. I have also emphasized the importance of developing analytical and critical thinking ability through active reading.

I am going to devote several postings on how to read critically. The active reading starts with asking questions, try to formulate your own answers before you move on to find the answers in the book. Furthermore, you can do a bit comparison between your answers and those of the author’s.

e.g. when you read a book that starts with this–“Mr and Mrs hubble moved into this old house in this crowded corner of the city five years ago.” You should ask “Where were they before this move?” “What happened to them at the moment of their moving?” “Why did they move?” “Why did they move into an old house instead of a new one?” “What will happend to them in this old house?” “Is this a haunted old house?” “How will their lives change because of the move?” Finally, of course, you should ask “Why moved into this crowded corner of the city?” Sound like a poor neighborhood, right?

As an exercise, you should try to come up with your own answers before finding the author’s. If the author does not answer these questions, you can further ask why.
more later…

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