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1, Feb 13, 2012

Comments, Emails, Challenges Facing Columnists

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On 2/2/2012, a fellow columnist sent me a round of applauds for my “willingness to dive in and tackle some tricky issues. In fact, you make it look easy!” She told me she had enjoyed reading my postings and was impressed.

I revealed to her that it has not been easy for me when it comes to choosing the right topic. There are some tricky things that I have to consider before anything else.

Number one, I cannot write for the sake of writing or posting for the sake of posting. If I don’t have anything worthy sharing, it is better to go without. While writing takes my time, reading takes readers’ time. A writer should know better than wasting readers’ time by dumping out meaningless stuffs.

Number two, the content must be politically correct, not offending to anybody. It is too naive to take for real the myth of freedom of speech. This is hard for me.

Number three, while it is nearly impossible to dodge personal attacks from those who disagree with you, it is a challenge to hold yourself back when you see such an attack and feel a strong urge to fight back. My political views go against the mainstream one popularly held in Kansas. The only way to avoid these mean-spirited attacks is to remain silent or not to say what I truly believe. Not possible in either case.

After reading some comments, I have discovered a nearly universal rule. That is, people don’t say anything if they agree with you. When they leave comments, I bet it is always because they have something too nasty to keep to themselves. That’s why I don’t like reading comments and I mark some of them as negative, hoping the editors will take them off.

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