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1, Feb 19, 2012

Book Industry, a Not So Bright Future

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My daughter and I went to Barnes & Noble’s again on 1/29, Sunday morning. Since the end of last Christmas, there has been a pile of clearance stuffs at the bookstore. In fact, there seems endless of them from time to time, either out of season or no longer marketable.

I often stopped by, trying to see if I could help the store by picking up some of them. On that day, as usual, I stopped and took up some books. There were novels, travel guides, some theory books, even some Christmas season stuffs. I could see myself throwing these books somewhere in my house if I bought them, and the idea of bringing more books back took me to the boxes of books that I already have and I have planned to donate.

Enough for that. I have decided that I am not really interested in these books and better off without them. As I walked away from the clearance corner, I couldn’t help thinking of the future of book industry, with so many books, so few buyers, and so many people like me who spend more time on the Internet reading online than book-reading. While bookstores are great place for people to study and to do some reading, it shudders me when I think of Border’s and the not-so-bright future of the existing ones.

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