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1, Jan 8, 2012

Writing Makes an Exact Man

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“Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man”. Francis Bacon. I am sure readers will say “Here she goes again.” Indeed, I love these words by Bacon, though I am not sure if my understanding of these words matches Bacon’s original intention.

On 1/4/2012, a friend of mine told me she was going to keep a journal as part of her new year resolution. That evening on the way to Barnes & Noble’s I mentioned this to my daughter. Once again I emphasized to her the importance of good writing and the weight of constant practice, hoping she would pick up the hint.

I am not sure if I could survive the second round for the columnist position if I had not kept posting here. At least the speed has caught up greatly since the onset of the site. She agreed with my comment and was going to give it a try.

My son told me he was still working on his new year resolution. I am glad he is going to give it a hard thought. I hope he will have some reading and writing in his resolution. After all, don’t we all want to be full, ready and exact persons as Bacon defined?

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