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1, Jan 17, 2012

Why I Want a Reflection after an Event

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On 1/12/2012, Thursday, I talked to a young relative of mine, currently in Houston, Texas. He arrived in New York in mid July. He thought he could get into a graduate program upon completion of English training. Toward the end of the training in October, he was informed by the school that his GMAT score was not high enough. He needed to re-take it. So he did on 12/19, which did not meet the school’s requirement. At this moment he only had less than a month before his legal status expired. After a rather hectic rush and through a family friend, finally he was admitted by an university in Houston and arrived there on 1/11/2012, the day before spring semester began.

I asked the young man to write a reflection on the whole experience. He asked why. Obviously, he is not sure of the need and the reason for looking back, as he wants to put all this behind him so that he can move ahead with a fresh start.

To be sure, our narrative of our past experiences reveals our understanding of this experience as well as our explanation as why things have gone the way it is. Furthermore, a year or two later, when you look at your own narrative, you will surely have a new version of explanation and fresh understanding.

Other than making an effort not to repeat past mistake, a reflection will enable us to see how we grow and mature over time when we read our own narrative of our past experience. We might enlighten ourselves through our own writing. Specifically, become more mature and responsible — this is what I want to see in him through this reflection. This much I have for him and for my children.

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