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1, Jan 13, 2012

Urinating on Dead Bodies, Technologies Captured It Again

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On 11/27/2011, I published one on police using pepper spray on the harmless students. Now technologies captured and shared with the world something equally shocking, if not more tasteless. It is amazing people never learn anything and never get better. I heard people offer this or that explanation or excuses on these stressed-out U.S. soldiers, as if they needed to relax before moving on to more killings. Didn’t they know that they might be the next ones lying there dead the next day and their enemies might learn something from them?

Many images rush to my head–enemies, human beings, the loved ones of the dead ones, war, soldier, young and stupid, fun, prank, respect, dignity, “moral height,” but none of them make sense to me. It represents much worse than the highest level of stupidity, brainless idiocy. I am speechless.

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