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1, Jan 30, 2012

The Cut-Throat Fight Over Party Nomination Diminishes All

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American politicians put on their most absurd show in Florida when two GOP front-runners are fighting over GOP nomination. The pettiness, the relentlessness, the desperate, the untrue nature and the exchange of slandering words all for the purpose of defeating the opponent have gone beyond the accepted manner of political campaign. I can’t believe their focus has been on attacking each other instead of on economy, the way to reduce nation’s deficit and issues that are more important than their mutual attacks.

It doesn’t matter who emerges it as the winner. The victory already tastes bitter and the winner has already suffered as the result because of the dirty means through which the victory is won.

The whole battle looks more like dog fights. It makes me wonder if it is worthwhile to go for the fight in the first place. Winner or loser, I doubt the persons going through this process will be judged favorably by history.

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