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1, Jan 26, 2012

Technology, Addiction, Imagine Life Without Cell Phone

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There are always some strange rules at our office. One is personal items like purses, cell phones, keys are not supposed to be out in the open. That’s how I often violate the rule by putting my personal items out in the open. For if I hide my cell phone somewhere, most likely I will forget taking it when I leave for home.

Last Thursday, when I told two of my colleagues that once I forgot my cell phone on Friday and the whole weekend was gone without the phone, both of them said it was horrible as they couldn’t imagine a day without cell phone.

Last Saturday, two friends came over in the afternoon. One of them just bought Sprint’s iphone and was eager to show me the various functions and features of her new phone. From the conversation, I have a sense that this friend of mine was very much addicted to her iphone. She told me I should buy this phone.

I did not tell her that my daughter took my phone with her to Manhattan since the day before and my life went perfectly all right without it. Cell phone became part of our life only a few years ago. It is amazing how quickly people become addicted to it and forget how life used to be without it. One more addiction to guard against.

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