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1, Jan 25, 2012

Reading, Thinking, More Practice Prerequisites To Good Writing

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Recently I have been involved with a lot of writing, either on the topic of writing or skill of writing or simple writing itself. I must say that I have never given so much thought on this topic as I have done lately.

You would expect me to come up with some quick trick or good tips. Unfortunately, when I think hard of the long path that I have taken, like reaching to the top in any field, there is really no shortcuts except 99% of perspiration.

However, I do realize there are some key ingredients in good writing: reading, writing, and thinking.

(1) Reading. Get in the habit of reading not for pure entertainment. Read to argue with the author and to figure out what is going on in the mind of the author. Are you convinced by his writing? Is he talking nonsense all the time?

(2) Write as often as possible. It doesn’t matter what you write and how good or bad you write. You won’t see any improvement until you practice writing at least twice per week or more often. I remember my father used to ask me to write a piece after each movie or book and I did it even though I resented it.

(3) Good writing comes with certain degree of maturity, mainly in thinking analytically and critically. Eventually, this analytical and critical thinking ability will lead to really good writing.

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