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1, Jan 14, 2012

Never Say Never; Never Give Up

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To my children–

If you fail in a test,
If you lose a contest,
If you get a bad grade,
If you have not made it to the top,
If you were not happy with one course,
If you are given a need-improvement evaluation,
If you think so much depend upon but you didn’t make it,
Remember these words–
Never say never,
Never give up,
Resilient and
Keep trying.
The future is yours, as long as
You don’t give up, as long as
You always give your best.
You are never lost until you stop trying your best.

Life is a skyscraper,
Its bricks being the tests we face everyday.
Build it with the best-quality bricks, for
Life itself is the biggest test of all,
Graded not by any teacher but by yourself.

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