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1, Jan 22, 2012

Adventure, New Experience and the Young People

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On 1/10/2012, I left home around 8 AM driving to KC Star in downtown area. As I was driving through the unfamiliar streets, though with a map, I had a rather uneasy feeling, not because of fear of getting lost but because the area looked totally strange to me. This uneasy feeling made me think of the time when my daughter was in New York.

Later that day, on the way to the main library, I asked my daughter if she had the same feeling when she was in New York. “No,” she said because she was with her brother and his girlfriend. She felt more excited than anything else.

I told her it was also because she was young, eager to have new experience and to taste adventures. Also, the younger you are, the more adaptable you are.

The familiar area seems to provide a sense of security or a comfort zone. As people get in age, it must be hard for them to break out of their comfort zone.

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