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1, Dec 6, 2011

Tough It Out Over Minor Physical Discomfort

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I heard of this saying regarding raising a boy when I was in China. In English, it means something like this — “Don’t spoil a boy” or “Raise a tough boy.” The belief behind it is a boy should be raised in such a rough manner so that, when he grows up, he can shoulder life’s hardship, either physial or psychological ones.

On 12/3, after her SAT test and upon hearing her complaining of the temperature at the test center, I told my daughter this. She said it was such a sexist view as if boys and girls were different and should be raised differently.

“Well,” said I, “I’m not a sexist. That’s why I have raised both you and your brother in the same way and expect both of you to tough it out instead of complaining over minor physical discomfort. She got my message.

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