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1, Dec 23, 2011

Positive Factors and Your Happiness

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On 10/16, about a month ago, I was cleaning the room and found this happiness factors paper. I am sure I have posted something similar to this long ago. Still, I see no fitting topic than this one during this holiday season. I divided them up based on their points.

Add 0.5 to your happy equation for each of these qualities–
sunshine, community spirit, contact with nature, gender (f), money, beauty

Add 1 point
extrovert, vitality, curiosity, luck, humility, acceptance, emotional intelligence, education, sharing good news, creativity, mental well-being, lifelong learning

Add 2 points
adaptation, forgiveness, coping well, positive illusion (dream positively), make music, playing, getting things done, go to church, owning a pet, high self-esteem, appreciate excellence, job satisfaction, feeling healthy, good nutrition, vocation, volunteering, matching values and actions

Add 3 points
positive time perception, dancing, gardening, visit art gallery, personal growth, have children, hope

Add 4 points
resilience, have a hobby, smile, laughter

Add 5 points
feeling good, optimism, gratitude, finding the flow, keep a diary, savoring, love, successful in marriage, close friends, acts of kindness, have a goal, use your strength, religion, meditation, finding meaning

I am not sure if you can substitute five 1-point qualities with one 5-point quality, making it less efficient. And I am also surprised that the unselfish community spirit only earns you half a point.

I guess being unselfish won’t make you as happy as we have been told. Hmmm… makes me wondering if I have done my children an ill justice when I have over emphasized on their being unselfish.

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