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1, Dec 1, 2011

Emma Sullivan, Sam Brownback, Freedom of Speech, Part I

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Last Monday, 11/28, my daughter told me of the news about a Shawnee Mission East (SME) student. Emma Sullivan, SME senior, tweeted some unflattering comments on Kansas governor Sam Brownback. The governor’s office got in touch with the high school. The SME Prinicipal Karl Krawitz ordered Sullivan to make a written apology.

My daughter thinks politicians should focus on major issues instead of chasing after a negative comment made by a high schooler. “Can’t believe they are so petty-minded!” she said.

I agree with her on this. I can’t believe the governor wastes tax dollar on hiring people to monitor social media for trivial like this. Apart from this, I learn three things.
To be ontinued tomorrow…

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