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1, Dec 28, 2011

Money Is Medicine, Part II

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Continued from yesterday’s posting, well, an attempt at interpreting that piece.

Money functions like medicine. It can taste sweet, but it can make one feel hot or become toxic if one abuses it. Money can relieve a person from hunger, pull him out of hot water. On a large scale, money can help build a strong country. If taken well, corrupt officials will implement equal distribution of wealth. Otherwise, social unrest would arise.

If one accumulates money without spending or sharing it, one is prone to being robbed; if one spends all without saving, one is likely to suffer in time of urgent needs.

A taoist person (dao) both shares and saves his money;
A virtue person (de) does not view money as topmost important;
A fair person (yi) does not get more than what he gives;
A righteous person (li) does not ask for what is not his;
A benevolent person (ren) uses his wealth in charity;
A trust-worthy person (xin) takes care of his debt;
A wise person (zhi) is not impacted by money.

The above practices are the medicine to longevity. A person will live a long and healthy life if he follow these practices. Otherwise, one will suffer from weak will and poor health.

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