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1, Dec 4, 2011

Israel, Culture, and Success

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I read an article on 11/21/2011 — “How Israel turned itself into a high-tech hub” by Katia Moskvitch. It is one of those efforts that attempt to explain how Israel has become so successful. But it turns out to be no more than a description of how successful Israelis has become without offering any plausible explanation of how.

“Tiny Israel, a country embroiled in conflicts for decades, has managed to transform itself from a stretch of farmland into a high-tech wonder. Israel currently has almost 4,000 active technology start-ups – more than any other country outside the United States, according to Israel Venture Capital Research Centre.

The result: high-tech exports from Israel are valued at about $18.4bn a year, making up more than 45% of Israel’s exports, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. Israel is a world leader in terms of research and development spending as a percentage of the economy; it’s top in both the number of start-ups and engineers as a proportion of the population; and it’s first in per capita venture capital investment.”

My understanding is this– the key to Israel’s success is Jewish culture, the one that value education, achievement, professionalism, a purpose-driven life, and above all, religion that give them the belief that they are the chosen ones and that they are chosen for a purpose in this world. That purpose is to be the best you can be in the world.

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