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1, Dec 19, 2011

Frustration with Computer Problems

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Yesterday, I felt like all evil forces aligned with one another against me. First, the desktop computer would not start. The recovery effort failed, which meant I had to reconfigurate the system, which in turn meant everything stored in the hard drive will be gone. So insanely unreliable.

Then, the apple laptop my son left to my daughter suffered from broken fans. If I don’t replace them, it will get burning hot and damage other part of the laptop. My son bought the fans from ebay.

I first took it to Bestbuy store and was told only Apple store fixed Apple problem. Next I headed for the Apple store in town and learned that they would not use any part brought by the customers. I would have to use their parts. They suggested I go to Microcenter.

I went to Office Depot on my way home. A futile trip.
Before I headed for Microcenter, I called to make sure they took the job. This they did. But when I got there, a service girl told me they would replace the fans with my part but without warranty for the work. And the ridiculous part is the labor there would cost more than labor + parts + warranty at Apple store.

Now I have decided to go to Apple store next weekend if I have time.

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