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1, Dec 8, 2011

Fear Keeps Our Self-Esteem Down and Throws Us Into the Loser Status

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I shared with my daughter the notes from Gregory Berns’s book, posted yesterday. She totally agrees with the view and is fully aware of the role fear plays in the making of a loser.

Fear holds you back from taking any actions when you know you should, like speaking up in class, like talking to the principle about your project, like singing out loud, like starting something new, like venture out alone, like doing something nobody is doing, like being different from the rest of the crowd; like being a minority…

If you allow fear to control you for a long time, you will never open your mouth so much so that your self-esteem touches the bottom and you are even afraid of hearing your own voice. How pathetic that can be!

I told my daughter ultimately the only fear you should have is the fear of wasting your life as a total loser. Guess what? It is the accumulation and the burden of one’s daily trivial fears that contribute to a life of loser.

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