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1, Dec 7, 2011

Fear Effectively Traps People Down

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On 12/4/2011, as with many weekends, my daughter and I were at Barnes & Noble’s again. While she was doing her homework, I was reading Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently by Gregory Berns.

At one point, the author mentions “three functions and the circuits” that distinguish iconoclastic brains from others — perception, fear response and social intelligence.

“Iconoclasts, …, have a preternatural affinity for new experiences. Where most people shy away from things that are different, the iconoclast embraces novelty.

“The problem with novelty, however, is that, for most people, novelty triggers the fear system of the brain. Fear is the second major impediment to thinking like an iconoclast and stops the average person dead in his tracks. There are many types of fear, but the two that inhibit iconoclastic thinking are fear of uncertainty and fear of public redicule

“Fear of public speaking, which everyone must do from time to time, afflicts one-third of the population. This is too common to be considered a disorder or mental illness. It is simply a common variant of human nature, but it is one that gets in the way of many potential iconoclasts.”

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