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1, Dec 2, 2011

Emma Sullivan, Sam Brownback, Freedom of Speech, Part II

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Continued from yesterday’s topic. Here’s what I have learned from this event.

Number one: when SME prinicipal Karl Krawitz succumbed to the pressure from above, to me, he shows no backbone. Emma Sullivan needs not apologize to anyone on this matter. Krawitz knows this.

Number two: governors and high school principals are looked upon as leaders. It me gives a sad feeling when I realize how hopelessly trifling and ludicrous these men are, as if nothing’s more important than a negative comment from a teenager. A man with a broad vision cannot be this trivial.

Number three: be careful what you post on the internet. There are plenty of people who are more petty-minded than the sum of Brownback and Karl Krawitz and who can get you into bigger trouble than this.

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