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1, Dec 15, 2011

Electronic Medical Records, Imperfect Future Trend

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On 10/18/2011, a monitor from Little Rock, Arkansas came today. She was excited when she saw patient’s paper chart. She told me she had been to many clinics; most of them used electronic medical records (EMR).

Nearly all of these electronic system have many problems, either it is not clear where things are, or documents are not available or even worse she is exposed to more data than she is allowed to, which is a violation of HIPPA. Morever, it is difficult for monitors to view patients’ medical records and clinical report on the same laptop.

The EMR is so remotely away from being perfect now. This monitor wished we could all go back to paper eventually, which doesn’t seem likely.

When I asked her if there was a user manual. “None” was the answer. It seems there are so much that needs improvement and that means many opportunities. When we go electronic with our medical records, I will create a user manual especially for the monitors, which will definitely make life easy for all.

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