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1, Dec 25, 2011

Clothes, Happiness, a Relative from China

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In early December of 2009, a relative of ours came from China to stay with us for her son’s graduation. When she went through my closet, she made this remark, “Throw away these old clothes. They are so old.” I told her, “No, they are still good and still fit me. There is no reason to throw them away.” She shook her head. I guess I had confused her or she couldn’t understand why.

Throwing away good old clothes and buying new clothes do not make me a happy person. On the contrary, the thought of wasting tortures me. I didn’t tell her this. If she understood me, she would not say these words in the first place.

In the evening, another adult in the house often took her out shopping. She came back telling me it was so much fun. For me, I try to get all shopping done on weekend so that I don’t have to go out during week day.

Nearly two years have passed since her visit. Amazing people are so different.

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