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1, Nov 26, 2011

Thus Happily Ended This Thanksgiving Holiday

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It has been raining since last night. We got up at 4 early in the morning to send my son to the airport for his 6 AM flight to NY. He called home around 8:30 AM upon his arrival there, thus happily ended this Thanksgiving holiday.

It was a short visit from late Wednesday afternoon to early Saturday evening. As usual, my daughter was not happy to see her brother leaving. I said, “Just be thankful that we had him for the Thanksgiving. He is always busy. Plus the hardship on the way, with ear-pop, having to get up insanely early, and being so tiresome on the airplane.”

As always, we talked and I feel assured once again to learn of his plan and effort, unremitting as before. I told him it was terrible to stay put, be bogged down and become a lifer in one place.

The biggest challenge is yourself, a product of your habitual way of thinking and getting things done. The inertia dictates us more powerfully than in natural world. It is a challenge to surpass yourself and see if you can think differently from yourself.

It is always a renewing experience for both my daughter and me, knowing what he will be doing and what he expects of us. We just keep doing the same thing, though being so far apart.

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