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1, Nov 7, 2011

Order of Birth and the Power of Example

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On 8/4/2011, I chatted with a monitor from Wisconsin. She has two boys. Unfortunately, the first one is autistic. Even worse is the second one who is perfectly normal wants to behave like he were also autistic, doubling the amount of work for the parents.

I am sure the second child will grow up normal like the rest of us, only he has an autistic elder to emulate in his childhood and that definitely has a huge impact on his life.

This incident reminds me of the theory on birth order. What would happen if the younger one were autistic instead of the older one? Will the older one emulate his autistic younger brother or will he become mature early and assume some responsibility in helping his parents taking care of his younger brother? I have no doubt the result would be vastly different from what it is now.

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