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1, Nov 22, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: A Classic Example of Misguided Crowd and the Waste of Energy

To be sure, those occupiers deserve great sympathy as they obvously have no job to occupy and have plenty of free-flowing energy and time to spend on the street. There is no denial that their grievances are genuine. I feel even more sorry for them when cold winter is threatening.

Yet, it is misguided because from very beginning they have never been able to come up with a well-laid out program that contains a clear goal, feasible routes and concrete action plan to reach their goal. It is like setting out on a journey but have no idea of their destination. Things will take a downward turn when thousands of young hotheaded folks jump in, like headless flies.

So far, they have not touched anything deeper than the symptoms of the large scale social issues that pulled them together, that is, the widening gap between the rich and the poor and the jobless situation. Until they have worked out a good guiding program, the OWS will not get anywhere.

The take-home message for all of us is whatever we want to pour our time and energy into, if we don’t want to waste our lives, we must have a goal and a feasible action plan to reach our goal.

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