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1, Nov 17, 2011

Crime, Hanover Scam, No Easy Money

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On 10/18/2011, we received a letter and a check in the amount of $997.67 from Hanovor Inc. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The letter starts with this. “Congratulation! You have been
selected as a lucky winner of the $9700 cash prize… Please note this may be your final notice. Kindly contact Mary Grey at 905-xxx-xxxx for further details regarding your prize.”

“…it is a valid cheque, but it has NOT been activated and funds will NOT be made available to you UNTIL YOU CALL US to confirm you have received it.”

If it sounds too good to be true, it is not true. So I did a google search for “scam hanover.” Within 0.35 seconds, about 1,470,000 results came back. I searched it on FBI site and also found a handful of its reports.

I shared it with my daughter, hoping we both learned something from this. My daughter said jokingly “Oh, too bad I could buy so many clothes with this money.”

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