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1, Nov 10, 2011

Freedom to Choose, Responsible Parents

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In line with my postings on 10/5-6 on comfort zone and choice we make everyday, on 10/9, Sunday afternoon I was reading Amy Chua’s tiger mom book again while staying at Barnes & Noble’s with my daughter.

Chua also talks about choice, how many American parents allow their children the freedom to choose while Chinese ones choose for their children. On the surface, it sounds like Chinese families are so void of democracy and freedom.

On the deeper level, if you consider the harm and benefit of freedom to choose, you will be able to appreciate Chua’s parenting.

When people are free to choose between fun and work, play and study, very few will forsake fun and play and willingly take up the hard work. In our tendency to avoid hardships, adults and children are no different.

Parents help their children choose the road filled with hard work when the kids are young. Consequently, the children are more accomplished, self-confident, and capable and ready for the challenges ahead. They make this choice for their children because they are responsible parents and they don’t want to trash or shortchange their children’s future.

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