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1, Nov 30, 2011

A Less-Perfect Writing is Better than No Writing

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On 9/3/2011, I wrote to a young relative of mine in China, “… a bad job is always better than no job. You don’t increase your value as an employee by sitting at home doing nothing, and you don’t want to let time go by without increasing your value.” The same can be said of writing.

All the time, I have asked my daughter to practice writing, say a short piece a day for 30 minutes. She is more a perfectionist than I am, and that takes time. I told her if I were a perfectionist, I would not have time for churning out day after day.

In fact, writing does not have to be perfect, especially when you always run out of time. I told my daughter as long as she keeps it up, a less-perfect writing is better than no writing and her practice will get her closer to her goal. Haven’t you learned “Practice makes perfect?”

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