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1, Oct 4, 2011

Science, Fantasy, Poetry, Machine and Happiness, Part II

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Continue from yesterday’s.
On first reading, Darwin’s words seem to reveal a touch of regret for not having read poetry or listened to some music, which had diminished the amount of happiness that he could have enjoyed and much more… I don’t think he knew what he was talking about.

First of all, he would not change a tiny bit if he had to live his life again. His life was determined and driven by his character and what he observed and experienced in his life. If he observed and experienced the same thing next time around, he would live the same life.

Secondly, throughout Darwin’s life, he had worked unremittingly, being motivated by a higher order of calling, undergoing tremendous hardships, gathering mountains of information in order to understand human evolution. For what he had gone through and what he had accomplished, he must have his moment of joy and his level of happiness, which no trivial mind can understand and enjoy.

In our lives, we all pursue our definition of happiness. For some, money makes them happy; for others, achievement and accomplishments; for some others, discovery and innovation. Regardless of these differences, reading poetry and listening to music are the side orders to the main entree, adding a finish touch to the total feeling of our happiness. Even for a poet or musician, he/she feels the real joy at the moment of creating them.

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