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1, Oct 1, 2011

Money for Most People: Easy Spent, Hard Earned

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On 5/11/2011, a summer-like afternoon, I took my daughter to eye doctor for her annual eye check. We waited for a long time and were seen by the doctor for a very short moment. The bill is over $200. Luckily, our insurance company picked up the large portion of it. With her orthodontics doctor, a brief check cost $150 out of pocket money.

That evening I took her to the main library where she would prepare for the AP exams with her classmate. While she was there, I toured the inside of the library and saw the display of beautiful ceramics. I saw this display before. It reminded me of the time when my daughter was in first year of high school, taking a ceramics class. To be sure, she enjoyed doing and was thinking of making and selling them. But that idea has remained an idea.

On the way back home that night, I told my daughter of two incidents. “For a great majority of people, it is difficult to make a few dollars, but so easy to spend it. For a tiny fraction of population, the opposite is true.”

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