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1, Oct 15, 2011

Memory of a Speeding Ticket

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One of the documents that I have kept for many years is traffic tickets, not many of them though. Here’s one of them.

On 7/12/2005, at 11:24 noon, I was on my way to Shawnee Mission West high school, where my son attended summer school. I remember following a swarm of cars, feeling as safe as a group of tigers. At the intersection of 103rd and Grandview, a police siren suddenly burst out. I was looking around to see who was the unfortunate one.

This time I was that one. I noticed the cop was following me, so I stopped in the mid of traffic. He approached with a got-ya smile, asking for my driver’s license and insurance card, then handed me a speeding ticket for $77 for driving at 47 mph in a 35 mph zone. Whatever. How I hate that moment!

The fine has doubled now as this is one of their revenue channels. Just be careful next time if you don’t want to feed with your hard-earnd money this way.

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