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1, Oct 21, 2011

Early Bird Catches All

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On 8/10/2011, during our daily early morning walk, I mentioned to my daughter the book that she was going to read, Quantum Man: Richard Feynman’s Life in Science by Lawrence M. Krauss, and the fact that Feynman started a radio repair shop when he was a child.

I told my daughter the earlier you started doing something, the better, something that your peers are not doing. You would get more praise when you can tie shoe string at age 3 than at age 13. Similarly, you get more credit when you set up your own company in your teen’s years than during adulthood. Look at the President’s Volunteer Service Award, its requirement on gold level, the old you are, the more hours you have to pour in when you don’t have as much time as you once had.
Kids (Age 5-14): 100 hours or more
Young Adults Age (15-25): 250 hours or more
Adults (Age 26 +): 500 hours or more

That is why I have advised her to set up her own company at age 12, keep it running all through her college years. By the time she emerges out of college at age 22, she has been CEO of her own company for a decade. Whether or not you have customers is an irrelevant question. What matters is the world may have tons of college graduates but very very few 22-year-olds with a decade of work experience, even less as manager and CEO.

For parents, the most tricky part is to get your youngsters listen to you. Good luck!

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