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1, Oct 20, 2011

Dog, Meat and Reflection: Aesop’s Fables for Us All

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On 8/9/2011, during our daily early morning walk before work, I mentioned to my daughter one of Aesop’s fables–“The dog, the meat and the reflection.” We all know that the dog with the meat in his mouth lost his meat when he saw his own reflection in the water and tried to snatch that one.

I asked my daughter about the meaning of this fable. She said, “It teaches people not to be too greedy and how they should be content with what they already have.” Since it is a fable, it is written for children’s comprehension with an obvious message for them.

Yet, for adults, there is more than that. We can interpret meat as the substance of life while reflection as anything insubstantial and insignificant. When we waste our lives on the insubstantial and lose sight of our substance and by the end of the day, when we end up having nothing in our hands, don’t we behave as foolishly as this dog?

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