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1, Oct 14, 2011

Book Proposal, A Doctor and An Editor

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A doctor recommended to me his acquisition editor on 3/23/2011. I sent my book proposal to this editor the next day. I was hoping I could get an update from this editor but was told by the doctor that “It is best to wait for him to contact you. It is a long process. He will contact you when he has something to tell you.”

On 4/7, the doctor told me again not to write to this editor, “…it is a slow process and you must be patient. You will not accomplish anything by writing to … I would suggest you let at least 6 weeks go by before you inquire.”

So I waited for two months and still heard nothing on this regard. On 5/31, I contacted this doctor again about my book plan in China. He told me to contact his editor first. Finally after two long months!

This I did, but no words came from him after two days. I asked this doctor what if I had not heard from him by the time I was leaving for China? All the time I was hoping he could jump out and say something on my behalf since he has the connections and could move things faster. No, instead, the nice doctor told me, “Then assume he is not interested,” which means, well, you can imagine how I felt about it.

The next day, the editor wrote back, full of apologies, because he had forgot all about my book proposal. I know he has not trashed it, as he promised me that he would discuss the book with his colleagues and get back to me.

I was pondering upon the words of the doctor, the two-month’s waiting and the forgetful editor, from hopeful to hopeless and to hopeful again, from doctor to the editor. As with everything in life, it is never a good idea to pin down your hope or your chance of success on others.

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