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1, Oct 26, 2011

Calculus, Take-home Exam and Morality

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During the weekend of 9/24-25, my daughter worked hard on a take-home exam on calculus. At some point, she was stuck there and could not move on. I told her she could always ask her brother for help.

“This is an exam. You are not supposed to ask your family members,” she said.
“Take home is like an open book exam, why can’t you ask others?” I asked.
“Our teacher said you are not allowed to check the internet or to ask others.” she insisted.
“But who knows if you get help and understand what you are doing. After all, what matters most is you are learning.” I pressed on.
“Mom, you don’t have any moral!…” she charged.

I agreed I compromise when I see no harm to others. But my daughter is totally unshakable in her moral stand. I am proud of her.

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