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1, Oct 9, 2011

A Step Stool and a Pastor

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When I was moving stuffs around in my house, I came upon this step stool, which I have used for my plants after my children outgrew it.

The step stool brought to my memory of the time when I got it. It was from a would-be pastor. When his family moved back to Taiwan, he packed the whole apartment stuffs and was ready to ship them to Taiwan. He was going to keep this step stool, too, but his wife said no. That was why it became mine.

I still remember when I saw boxes of his belongings ready for the shipping, I was wondering why a theologist student was still obssessed with materials of this world. For a would-be pastor, aren’t we supposed to be more spiritual than materialistic?

By the way, a few weeks ago, I got in touch with this family and learned that after they moved back to Taiwan, they went to China for two years working as a pastor there, then moved to California for three years before they moved to Minnesota where the wife worked on her PhD while the pastor preached at a evangelical church.

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