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1, Sep 22, 2011

The Rich Set the Fashion; the Poor Follow

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On 8/11/11, some of my colleagues talked about designer bag by Michael Kors. One of them loves it so much that she plans to buy one of them. After that I went to the website to take a look at them.

Wow, one little box-frame bag, size 4″Height x 4 1/2″Wide x 3 1/4″Deep cost $1,595. Most of them cost a few hundred dollars each. I am simply blind to any charm that they claim to possess. Instead, I feel repulsed when I see the price.

I simply don’t understand why people are willing to squander their hard-earned money on these designer bags. Thanks to these loyal customers, these top designers can exist in splendid style, driving limousines in town, living a life free from any concern or any need to work for a living. Why do people have to fall for this trick?

This once again reminds me of the saying — the rich set the fashion; the poor follow with their money.

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