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1, Sep 23, 2011

Parenting, Money, and Need for Re-education

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On 5/20, I learned of the breakup of a young relative of ours with his girlfriend. On one of their date out, the girl bought a purse for 20,000 yuan, one third of her annual salary. The boy said jokingly, “Wow, with this spending, I am not sure I can support you in the future.” The girl was upset and told her mother of his words. The would-be mother-in-law told her daughter, “It’s none of his business. We spend our money.” This led to the final breakup.

I shared the story with my daughter. She agreed the girl was too extravagant. “You don’t spend that much on a purse even if you made $600,000 a year,” she said.

As a parent, I see clearly the hand of the girl’s mother in the whole thing. Number one, she is responsible for her daughter’s wastful spending. Number two is the fact she added fuel to the fire over the boy’s words, which hurt the feelings on both sides.

Secretly, I was hoping the boy could be more tactful in dealing with the girl, then further down the road, educate the girl and gradually free the girl from the undesirable influence of the mother on her. Then I think it too much for the boy to assume the role of re-educating the girl when he himself is not as mature as his age.

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