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1, Sep 9, 2011

Internet, a Big Time Killer

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On 5/30/2011, during the Memorial day off, my daughter told me one of her friends might get into medical field. We talked about time investment for this field. If one goes into medicine for money, this time investment might not be a wise one. I told my daughter I was going to check the internet about comparison of salary among different majors.

I got on the internet, first checked emails; there I found one from Microcenter on Memorial day sale. I was so intrigued that I opened its online ad page, where I found a digital camera for a good price. I needed a good one for our Boston trip. I further checked the quality and features of this camera and compared this with others.

It took me more than 30 minutes before I realized I needed to shut it down and do something else. So I did. Then I realized that I forgot why I turned on computer in the first place.

I told my daughter of this experience. “Does it sound like deja vu to you?” “Oh yes, I know what you mean,” she said. She agreed that it was so easy for us to drift away while on the internet. That’s how we kill time.

I told her, “Next time when you need to check on something, instead of hopping on the internet that moment, write it on a notepad, check it during your break. More important, use a timer.”

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