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1, Sep 17, 2011

Exercise Traps from Weight to Go Program

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Continue from yesterday’s posting on weight to go program. Weight-loss consists of two parts: eating and exercise. Here you can see the excuses for not having exercise.

Exercise traps or excuse:
(1) Would rather watch TV or surf the Internet
(2) Blame the weather, too hot or too cold
(3) “Don’t feel like it today”
(4) It is so boring…
(5) I am tired after a day’s work
(6) Prefer to sleep in instead of getting up early
(7) I got something better to do than this
(8) No time (number one excuse)
And many others… People can cheat themselves with numerous excuses and suffer from the consequence of these excuses.

Avoid the following types:
(1) Meal skipper
(2) Nighttime nibbler
(3) Convenient diner
(4) Fruitless feaster
(5) Steady snacker
(6) Hearty portioner
(7) Swing eater

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