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1, Sep 16, 2011

Eating Traps from Weight to Go Program

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The new company offers some programs for employees to earn BCBS points, with which you can redeem up to $250. One of the program is called “Weight to go.” It is a very long one provided once a week for 8 weeks during lunch time via Webnar. Below are the notes taken on 8/9/2011.

Eating traps:
There are many circumstances that may lead people to eat more or make poor eating choices. Watch for these moments.
(1) Finishing leftovers, don’t want to waste
(2) Watching TV while eating
(3) Special cravings
(4) Forget to bring lunch
(5) Skipped breakfast
(6) In a hurry or too busy for a healthy cooking
(7) The junk food is just over there
(8) Eating buffets
(9) Work through a meal
(10) Holiday season
(11) It is a party
(12) Need to reward myself with some comfort food
(13) Have not planned meals
(14) Eating while cooking
(15) Eating with a friend

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