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1, Sep 25, 2011

College Graduates: From Temp to Your Dream Job

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On 8/10, when I was in Leawood library with my daughter, I saw a book called Save the Assistant: A Guide to Surviving and Thriving the Workplace by Lilit Marcus. The book cover shows a woman whose head is almost buried by all kinds of paper documents. The sight reminds me of my workplace.

I picked up the book and only went through the introduction. I told my daughter I like the author, though I don’t have the time for the whole book.

The author went to New York City after earning a bachelor degree in English from a state university. She applied for “every job that was even loosely related to what I wanted to do. In other words, I spent a lot of time tempting.”

She ended up being an assistant at a company, definitely not her dream job. The wonderful part about her is she could parlay her experience as an unwilling office assistant, start a website, write a book, and eventually rise above from ground zero. In a word, she finally got her dream job.

This author towers over those college graduates who fail to land on their dream jobs and eventually hold on forever to their temperary jobs.

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