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1, Sep 30, 2011

Car, Transportation, Luxury, Vanity, Time and Life

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On 9/26/2011, I told some of my colleagues that I had been car-shopping during the weekend. That started the conversation on car. I have learned that one co-worker owns an Audi, the other expressed the desire of buying one, but was deterred by the 6-digit price. To me, a car is nothing but a mean of transportation from A to B. I did not share with them my view, which might sound too foreign to them after all.

My idea of spending is this simple equation:
money = time; time = life.
Hence, the amount of money spent on something must be worthy of the amount of my time and life.

Nothing comes from nothing. You have to pay for whatever you desire. Comfort, luxury, vanity, and the final cost of money, time, life and health, all will balance out.

In my life, I compromise on many things, but never on time and some other major matters.

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